Ducketts Grove

19 09 2008



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20 09 2008

Hi Sandy,

Thank you for stopping by my blog!! I appreciate your comments! I visited mostly the southern and parts of western Ireland. I think the bulk of my stay was in county Kerry. And I loved.EVERYTHING about Ireland!! But I stayed for 2 weeks, which is definitely not enough!

It’s where I got the Emerald Dreams part of my photography blog and photography business name. I dream of going back again and again! I have seriously been looking for a career out there too. Well just to keep my options open. haha!!

I really love how dynamic the clouds in Ireland are and you captured them greatly in your photos above.

20 09 2008


Hey Sandy,

I do not mind at all that you blogrolled me, in fact I honored that you did!

I think if you use a tripod, you should get some awesome shots of Ireland at night. Too bad I never did. Which means.. I need to go back this summer in 2009! Saving up all my dollars!


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