news update!!!!!

24 09 2008

Hi all

just a quick update.  college is going well. i’ve  a meeting with my career guidance councellor on friday to do up my CV so hopefully that’ll be  a success.  i have to apply for work experience as part of my course so i’m making up  a list of IT company’s that might be useful.  the lads and i are going to join some of the clubs in college – should be good fun.   i say ‘the lads’ because theres only two of us girley’s in the class.

on other news we’ve started building the stables at home, ordered the shed and awaiting its arrival.  i hope it comes soon because the weather is nice and winter is soon approaching. 

anyway thats all the news for now. 






One response

25 09 2008

Good luck on the CV! Remember to hone your words towards what you can do and what you have accomplished!

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