The Big Bad World

26 09 2008

this is my story…

when i left school i took a year out and completed a secretarial course.  i then moved from this, following the advice from me career guidance teacher, to a computing course.  i attended year one – hated it and passed so i finished year two – at least i’d have a certificate.

after receiving the certificate i took everyones advice that ‘a certificate will get you no where you need a degree’ and i completed another year in computing – again hated it.

and now here i am, three years finished, ordinary degree in my back pocket and back for a fourth year for an honors degree.

and it is only now after a brief meeting with a lecturer that i’ve found out the job opportunitys available to me in the big bad world and realised – i don’t want to do any of this!!

while sitting in the office, browsing through job opportuinites, ticking yes i can do that, no i cant’ do that it suddenly dawned on me that yes i can do  a bit of this but do i really want to?

then my eyes welled up and i began thinking that i’d just waisted three years doing something i didn’t enjoy and am about to waist another year to be qualified ‘on paper’ for a job that i will never want to do all because i listened to everyones advice.

so big bad world, if you have something lined up for me that i don’t know about yet please send some sort of smoke signal soon..





One response

28 09 2008

I hope you find a position that you really want! It is pretty tough anywhere, nowadays. So keep your chin up!

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