Peace and Quiet

12 12 2008

I’ve absolutely had it up to my eyes with college.  I’m so fed up of this i just want to get my work done and get out of here.

I have two reports that are due on thursday, one is based on broadband and the other on video conferencing.  Now i have no problem doing reports, i enjoy researching topics and putting together the information i’ve found however I am finding it close to impossible to do these.

Everywhere I go in college i cannot relax and get into them properly.  I go to the library and I might as well be in my local pub. everyone is talking, chatting and catching up with their friends, I then decide to go to the silent study area which is always full but I was fortunate to spot one place where i could set up my laptop and begin my work. oh no.. the gods are looking down on me alright, all i can hear is a tap tap tap tap tapping noise,  i look around and see nobody typing excessively loud, what is that i thought, after about twenty minutes of pure distraction i discover the window beside me is slightly broken and the buckets of rain falling outside are making the mysterious sound. so i get up and I go to one of the quiet rooms in the college that only a few students use.  this to turned out to be unsuccessful as my internet wouldn’t work so my frustration levels went through the roof. 

I just want some peace and quiet i feel like screaming at everyone!

The only sane place i can think of at the moment is the canteen, its closed now for the day and there are only three people in it.  thankfully their not noisy but as luck would have it a skylight over my head is occasiongly banging with the wind.

oh roll on friday when i will have my christmas holidays, family, turkey, cake and ….. study. Joy Joy Joy

Joy in my heart.





One response

21 12 2008

Well I hope you eventually did find some peace and quiet!

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