About Me

Hi, my name is Sandra and this is probably my fifth unsuccessful blog.  I’m not going to promise to post every day, every week or every month.  I’ll update this blog when i have news and when i have time.  I am in college studying computing.  I work part time and my hobbies include chatting with friends, taking photographs and anything to do with horses.

I’d appreciate all negative and positive feedback on my pictures.  No offence will be taken.  All pictures are copyright. Please do not copy them.

If you like my pictures and would like one for your home, family or friends then please email me and I will arrange it.

I hope to talk to you all soon.  Enjoy.



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20 09 2008

Sorry to hear that this is your fifth unsuccessful blog and in my opinion successful or not it doesn’t really matter, what really matter is having sincere and good friends around. It’s really nice to have a photographer friend plus she’s a blogger too. Thank you for your recent visit to my blog Sandy. Drop by my flickr if you have the time 🙂

20 09 2008

Hi Sandy,

This is also probably my fourth blog. Well my last one!!! But just keep it up and network, it will grow. 😀

Very nice to meet you and keep in touch!


20 09 2008

I do recommend the pony pops. Although I have an overzealous gelding who finished both of them in a few weeks. They can get expensive if you have a horse that works on it day and night as Emmet did. I recommend getting two to fill up the holder because if they can get thier teeth in there it won’t last long. The holder is really strong and mounted easily on a panel. We own a feed store so I wanted to try them for the customers and everyone has loved them. Thanks for asking, Lili

20 03 2013
David J. Duckett

Hi Sandy, I love the quality of your pictures. I’m putting together a small book on Duckett’s Grove and would like your permission to use your photos. And of course…..you would be given the credit.
Sincerely, David J. Duckett

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