Merrry Christmas

22 12 2008

In case i’m not on my blog over christmas – as i only have dial up internet – i want to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year,

hopefully next year will be full of more blogging and more happy stories.

until then



Peace and Quiet

12 12 2008

I’ve absolutely had it up to my eyes with college.  I’m so fed up of this i just want to get my work done and get out of here.

I have two reports that are due on thursday, one is based on broadband and the other on video conferencing.  Now i have no problem doing reports, i enjoy researching topics and putting together the information i’ve found however I am finding it close to impossible to do these.

Everywhere I go in college i cannot relax and get into them properly.  I go to the library and I might as well be in my local pub. everyone is talking, chatting and catching up with their friends, I then decide to go to the silent study area which is always full but I was fortunate to spot one place where i could set up my laptop and begin my work. oh no.. the gods are looking down on me alright, all i can hear is a tap tap tap tap tapping noise,  i look around and see nobody typing excessively loud, what is that i thought, after about twenty minutes of pure distraction i discover the window beside me is slightly broken and the buckets of rain falling outside are making the mysterious sound. so i get up and I go to one of the quiet rooms in the college that only a few students use.  this to turned out to be unsuccessful as my internet wouldn’t work so my frustration levels went through the roof. 

I just want some peace and quiet i feel like screaming at everyone!

The only sane place i can think of at the moment is the canteen, its closed now for the day and there are only three people in it.  thankfully their not noisy but as luck would have it a skylight over my head is occasiongly banging with the wind.

oh roll on friday when i will have my christmas holidays, family, turkey, cake and ….. study. Joy Joy Joy

Joy in my heart.


4th November 2008

4 11 2008

I figured it was about time i updated my beloved blog.  I haven’t had a chance to upload any of my recent photos which i’m disappointed about but i’ll get a chance soon.

College is going well so far.  I had an interview yesterday which i felt went really well.  i didn’t want the job because it was too far away but the experience is great to have.

Horses are going well to and the stables have began construction! No length now until they will be up.  Holly is coming along great in her training sessions so we’ve great promise for her.

I haven’t much news to be honest, just had a few mins to spare and someone mentioned the blog to me so I figured i’d do a bit of surfing and update it.

Hope all are keeping well.

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11 10 2008

first off i’m sorry i haven’t been updating the blog lately however i did warn in my about page that this could happen!

anyway, i have some time to spare so i decided i would share a few of my views on things i’ve been doing lately.

On Books..
I’m a big Cecelia Ahern fan, for those of you who don’t know she is an Irish author who’s father use to be taoiseach of our country, taoiseach is like a prime minister in some respect. Anyway, i love her books, i’ve read three of them so far and i thought i was on top of them however while wandering through my local book shop yesterday I spotted two new books she has written! So obviously i’ve missed one. I’m off next week to purchase book 4 ‘Thanks for the Memories’ and while i’m at it i’ll try buying some time to read it!

On College..
The college front is going somewhat bleakly! I have to say I am enjoying fourth year, its much different to the previous years. There is still that bit of networking but its enough for me to handle. We are doing alot of business projects, case studies and presentations which are all interesting and good experience. When I finished school this was the course i wanted to do, the problem was that i had to do all the other courses to get to this point, so i’m going to enjoy it.
I have to admit though that i’m getting slightly worried about my work placement module. Not the fact that i have to go out to a company, that part dosn’t phase me at all, its finding the company. As you may know Ireland is in ‘recession’ *begin scarey music* and alot of companies aren’t really interested in taking on students. I may be forced to work unpaid if I cannot find somewhere because unfortunately if you don’t do your work placement you fail your year. And I don’t do failing! Fingers crossed something will come up.. I haven’t given up yet by a long shot.

On Pictures…
I’ve been very busy with college, horses and work so unfortunately i haven’t had much of an opportunity to take pictures lately which is quiet annoying. Some day me, my camera and mica (my car) will twaddle off for a days snapping.

On Horses..
I don’t think i introduced the horses before so I think now is a good time because there a big part of my life. I have seven horses at the moment. One is jointly owned but still i have say in her.. so here we go

Mark is my 13’2 Connemara pony. He is my pride and joy. I love him to bits. Why Mark, well sure why not! He is broken and riding. We usually hack around at home and go to some small shows.
This is Mark’s sisters – Maggie

The foal in the picture is Beans. Here’s one of him now that he is a bit older.

Right, so, so far we’ve had Mark, his sister Maggie and her foal (from last year) Beans.
Now, this is Sally, she is Mark and Maggies Mum and Beans’s granny!
Were one big happy family!

This picture was taken last winter so she’s really long hair in it. She’s a pet.

Thats all the ponies. Onto horses now.

This is Katie. Shes our Irish Draught cross. She’s only two, but i can’t wait to work with her.


Holly is jointly owned, were going to have fun with her.

Now thats everybody.

I have to go now but i’ll post again shortly


The Big Bad World

26 09 2008

this is my story…

when i left school i took a year out and completed a secretarial course.  i then moved from this, following the advice from me career guidance teacher, to a computing course.  i attended year one – hated it and passed so i finished year two – at least i’d have a certificate.

after receiving the certificate i took everyones advice that ‘a certificate will get you no where you need a degree’ and i completed another year in computing – again hated it.

and now here i am, three years finished, ordinary degree in my back pocket and back for a fourth year for an honors degree.

and it is only now after a brief meeting with a lecturer that i’ve found out the job opportunitys available to me in the big bad world and realised – i don’t want to do any of this!!

while sitting in the office, browsing through job opportuinites, ticking yes i can do that, no i cant’ do that it suddenly dawned on me that yes i can do  a bit of this but do i really want to?

then my eyes welled up and i began thinking that i’d just waisted three years doing something i didn’t enjoy and am about to waist another year to be qualified ‘on paper’ for a job that i will never want to do all because i listened to everyones advice.

so big bad world, if you have something lined up for me that i don’t know about yet please send some sort of smoke signal soon..


news update!!!!!

24 09 2008

Hi all

just a quick update.  college is going well. i’ve  a meeting with my career guidance councellor on friday to do up my CV so hopefully that’ll be  a success.  i have to apply for work experience as part of my course so i’m making up  a list of IT company’s that might be useful.  the lads and i are going to join some of the clubs in college – should be good fun.   i say ‘the lads’ because theres only two of us girley’s in the class.

on other news we’ve started building the stables at home, ordered the shed and awaiting its arrival.  i hope it comes soon because the weather is nice and winter is soon approaching. 

anyway thats all the news for now. 



Divorcee receives 50,000 for horses!

22 09 2008

Forget bitter divorce battles with wives seeking multimillion-pound maintenance awards for themselves and their progeny — the latest arena for dispute could be a couple’s animals after a landmark ruling in which a wife has been awarded £50,000 a year in maintenance, just for the upkeep of her three horses.

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