The most recent news is this new blog!!

i’ve no pictures up yet but they will be coming soon..

watch this space..


see the welcome category for all news.


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13 09 2008

Well I’ve finished my summer work and I miss it already. I had such a good time and all of the girls and gentleman were so nice and friendly to me. They made it a great experience and I cannot thank them enough.

I’m off to college now on Monday. hope it goes ok.
this is my final year so roll on the work placement!!

I also competed in a showjumping competition last night. I got a clear round and a red rossett. We were very happy with that.

Chat later.


16 09 2008

Back in college now. I don’t really know what to make of it but its only the first week. there seems to be a heavy workload so hopefully i’ll have time to keep this updated!

off to buy a new phone now.

chat later


17 09 2008

Great job with pics well done xxx.

19 09 2008

Thanks Jay,

well the latest pics have been updated. There of Ducketts Grove which is just outside of Carlow. my aunt and uncle were home on holidays and we thought this would be a nice place to go for the day especially when it was just down the road.

hope you enjoy the pics. highly recommend a visit on a sunny evening 🙂

4 07 2009

well what do you know i’m updating again,

college is almost over, i’m currently on work placement, i’ve taken a few pics lately most recent being of horses (suprise suprse) and the rock of cashel, which i was brought to for a treat.

i’ve booked my holidays to.. Galway races here we come! this will by our third year in a row so can’t wait.

i’m back to college in september and finished at christmas, so hopefully there’ll be jobs then!

for now.. bye bye


p.s getting my hair cut today 🙂

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